What is Marsy's Law?

Marsy's Law is not a "law" at all. It is a proposed amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution. Calling it a "law" is the first act of deception by its proponents, packaging it as a new statute instead of a material alteration to the NH constitution. It is an out-of-state formula for victims’ rights, aimed at pitting victims’ rights against defendants’ rights. It would fundamentally alter our criminal justice system and threaten constitutional due process.


Funding behind the push for "Marsy's Law" in New Hampshire comes via a California billionaire named Henry Nicholas, co-founder of semiconductor manufacturing giant  Broadcom Corporation.  It is named for his sister, Marsalee Nicholas, who was murdered by a former boyfriend in 1983.  Many years after her murder, Nicholas embarked on a political campaign to develop a "victim's right constitutional amendment.”

Ironically, Nicholas was indicted in June 2008 for stock fraud and drug charges.  In 2016, Nicholas was sued for physical and emotional abuse by a longtime partner.



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